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Raising a Father is committed to helping brands reach their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Association with Raising a Father will add a positive brand halo for your brand, as well as build customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values. The book’s non-religious, yet relationship based stories are sure to touch the heart of every one of your customers. This would be a great message for your brand for Father’s Day.

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This year to celebrate Father’s Day, I created a mini documentary featuring stories from nine dads from different parts of the world.

I had a blast listening to the dads and fascinated to see how dads all over the world are connected by a common thread… how dads, who normally do not show much emotion, break into a ‘smile from the heart’ when they talk about their kiddos.

Enjoy!!! Share with your loved ones in your life.  


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Raising a Father is a talk, and now a book by Arjun Sen. It is a father’s memoir which takes the audience through an enchanting journey of wildly entertaining and heart-touching stories. Each story marks a professional dad’s journey to leave the corporate world to become a dad first. Raising a Father emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility in relationships and introduces the break-through concept of taking measure of your relationships.

During Arjun Sen’s days in the corporate world, a wise, rapid corporate stair-climbing friend told him, “Arjun, in order to achieve bigger glories, one must make smaller sacrifices in life.” It was clear he was referring to spending less time with family, not being there for children’s special moments, and similar “small” sacrifices in personal life. Now that Sen has learned the hard way, he is reaching out to tell him that you can have both.

Seeing his father-daughter future reduced to obligatory phone calls on birthdays and Father’s Day, Sen left corporate America. He started a home-based marketing consulting company in Denver, his 10-year-old daughter’s favorite city, named his daughter as manager, and began the journey of becoming a true father.

Sen measures success differently today. His daughter Raka leaves for college soon, and Sen believes his success is determined by the time he spends with her. This is a story of Raka using all her charm, patience, love, and caring nature to teach her father how to be a better dad and person. Click here for reviews and feedback


Arjun SenArjun Sen is president and founder of ZenMango. Arjun’s diverse background includes aeronautics; restaurants; charities; launching one of the largest online businesses in the country; teaching marketing at a university; and, most recently, working with Butch Harmon, the Yoda of golf.

Arjun received a Bachelor’s in Aeronautical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur, India, and then earned his MBA from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. He has worked for Fortune 500 companies in numerous high-powered marketing positions and most recently served as VP of Marketing and Operations for Papa John’s. He has also held senior marketing positions with Pizza Hut, Einstein Brothers Bagels, and Boston Market. Arjun also co-chairs the Colorado Governor’s Small Business Council.

His diverse experience has earned him championship titles from top senior executives such as “The Towering Research Giraffe,” by Richard Davis, VP of Culinary Innovation for Boston Market, and “One of the most marketing-intelligent minds in the business today,” by Blaine Hurst, former president of Papa John’s.

Since 2002 he has been privileged to fulfill a lifelong dream of teaching at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The students in  his classes inspired a series of individually and professionally oriented lectures which have since been delivered to thousands across the country from small community development meetings to large corporate settings alike. Each seminar is delivered in an enjoyable, storytelling format that is sure to entertain, connect, and inspire individuals to take their drive to the next level.

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