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Raising a Father is committed to helping brands reach their Corporate Social Responsibility goals. Association with Raising a Father will add a positive brand halo for your brand, as well as build customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values. The book’s non-religious, yet relationship based stories are sure to touch the heart of every one of your customers. This would be a great message for your brand for Father’s Day.

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Arjun Sen
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“Raising a Father is an excellent anecdote about motivation of human beings at a time when it works best: childhood.”

Arindam Basu


“Awesome. I got very addictive in the 2nd half, I couldn’t put it down till 1am last night and then needed to finish it today first thing. It got very emotional towards the end. Loved it."

Clint McCaskill


“well written and is touching. This has the makings of becoming a classic book”

Sateesh Narahari


“Raising of Father has helped me to keep my relationships warm”

Sudhir Verma


“Arjun has captured what it truly means to be a father through an amazing life journey with his daughter. The story is profound and the delivery extremely moving. Each of us in the audience left examining and re-examining our most important relationships."

Cher Pascoe
President and Senior Strategist
Pascoe Professional, Inc.
Strategic Marketing


“Arjun –
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the inspiring speech on Tuesday at Rotary. It brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. When Courtney and I returned to Eagle, I went straight home and (true story!) sat down with my 4½ year old daughter, Addison, (while my 17 month old son, Tate, chased balls), and had an engaging conversation about her favorite restaurant (it was Chili’s, but then she remembered it was Pazzo’s, our local pizza joint – we don’t have a Papa John’s here!). I did guess correctly on her best friend, but her favorite memory with me I was way off on. Turns out it was “last Saturday when I was home all day” with her.

Just as I suspected, and you had put out there, I had been “touching down” a bit more – okay, a lot more – than actually being present. So thank you, for the extraordinary gift that you gave me on Tuesday.

I regret that we did not have more time to talk at the meeting. I always love meeting food service industry people as the first twelve years of my career I did kids marketing in the industry. It remains of great interest to me.

Thanks again for a great presentation Arjun!

All the best,

Letter from Kris Wittenberg, President of Say No More! Promotions
Response to Raising a Father presentation at the Denver West Rotary on March 24th


“Arjun provided a warm, heartfelt and motivating speech to our Rotary Club in March, 2009. Drawing from his soon-to-be-released book, "Raising a Father" and his past challenges of trying to be the best dad he could be, all while trying to achieve great professional success in a demanding corporate position, Arjun provides a very candid and honest assessment of the everyday obstacles we all face in trying to attain the proper work-life balance. As President-Elect of the new Denver West Rotary Club, I was thrilled by the positive feedback I received from our members after Arjun's speech. As busy parents/spouses/professionals, my fellow Rotarians could easily relate to and identify with Arjun's story and were moved by the life lessons he has learned over the years from his sharp and perceptive daughter, Raka. I highly recommend Arjun to all business and service organizations that are looking to inspire and challenge their members.”

Peter J. Pittman
President-Elect, Denver West Rotary Club
Denver Colorado


“Raising A Father is a book that should be required reading for the planet. The book is uplifting, instructive, and describes so much of what fathers should aspire to in their relationship with their children.”

Herb Rubenstein, Sustainable Business Group


“Raising a Father is a celebration. Through his heartening acts of kindness, Arjun Sen teaches that love means caring, listening, sharing, making difficult choices, and acting to support significant people in our lives, especially the children. These acts can be as undemanding and profound as a homemade chocolate-chip cookie following final exams. Sharing his remarkable journey, from a disciplined childhood in India to the highest echelons of corporate America, he reveals life’s timeless lessons about interpersonal relations in a demanding, distracting time. This affectionate and appealing story gives smiles, tears and renewed faith in the human spirit.”

Brent Green Author, Marketing to Leading-edge Baby Boomers: Perceptions, Principles, Practices, Prediction

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